Jan. 20th, 2002

Bradley Whitford
Is he just the cutest thing in the whole world or what?! I have this fixation with his wrist. Specifically the watch wrist, I don't get it.

Harrison Ford
Adorable, older man with power. Just my type.

Martin Sheen.
We've discussed this already.

Loved the movie, loved the song, love guys who thank their wives and look like they mean it.

Heather Locklear.
Looks like someone told her it was 1987 and she believed them.

West Wing
What's with them not winning anything? Helllooooo.

Sissy Spacek
Eh. She's from around here, from what I hear, definitely not the nicest lady in the world. So :P to her.

I don't remember any more
Who thought a dress with bows in the front was a good idea?

Bridget Jones's Diary
Loved this movie. Distressed to realize I myself am now in the 32nd year of being single. Now...where is Mr. Darcy?

Moulin Rouge?
Admit: never seen it. But it just looked weird, and really? looks like it breaks at least one of my movie rules. Okay, I know it breaks one for sure. I have friends who are good to me!

Saw The Royal Tenenbaums today. Thought about seeing Gosford Park, but considering my company (I heard it was very clever in an English sense, my movie going companion is not very clever in any sense) we saw TRT instead. It was funny. That Wilson boy (whichever one of the two, I think it's Luke) that was in Legally Blonde, very cute when he doesn't have all that hair.

Have to go to school tomorrow, totally ignored it for the last two days, it was delightful. There's something about actually having a weekend to myself that is forever delightful.

PS. Suggestion for cramps: 3 Aleve and some cider.



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